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Grinding Teeth? Here’s What You Should Know

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There are a lot of people that grind their teeth. It is called Bruxism and there is a separate form of it for doing while awake or asleep. If you have bruxism in any form, then you are risking long-term problems with your teeth. While a few people never experience a problem because of it, tooth damage is a constant concern for most people that grind their teeth. If you grind your teeth, here is what you need to know about it.

Associated with Stress

The most common cause of teeth grinding is stress. Dentists and researchers strongly associate teeth grinding with stress as a subconscious response. This is especially true when you are asleep. If you notice that you are having issues with your teeth during a particularly stressful time, it is possible that you grind your teeth subconsciously.

Causes Other Types of Pain

Teeth grinding can be painful, but it can also cause other types of pain. Grinding your teeth can cause your teeth to crack or be misplaced, leading to pain in the roots where the nerve endings are located. Over time, teeth grinding can also create a constant pressure in your jaw as your teeth can shift slightly and press against each other. If you have dental pain that you cannot explain, it may be worth looking for signs that you also grind your teeth.

Problem for All Ages

Teeth grinding is a problem for people of all ages. For most people, teeth grinding is not something that they think about doing. It is just a response to stress or other influences. Therefore, it is not a problem that usually goes away over time. For children and seniors, this is a significant problem since their teeth are the most likely to experience problems from grinding.

Treatable Condition

Teeth grinding is a treatable condition that you should address as soon as possible. You have to address teeth grinding on two levels. First, you must prevent future damage and give your teeth time to heal. Many dentists recommend a special mouth guard that keeps your teeth apart slightly. That way, they cannot grind against each other. This will stop the damage and let your teeth begin to heal on their own.

You also have to take steps to repair your teeth. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need to have more advanced dental procedures done. However, simple daily care, maintenance, and nutrition will repair much of the damage to your teeth. This will take some time to be effective. You should also consult a dentist to be sure that is all of the care that you need.

Possible to Not Know

It is very important to see your dentist regularly or to go to the dentist if you think that you have a problem. That is because it is entirely possible to grind your teeth without knowing. You can do this in your sleep, but it is also possible to not know that you are grinding your teeth while you are awake. A skilled dentist can tell if you grind your teeth with a simple examination.

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