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Replacing missing teeth with complete or partial dentures is necessary to avoid shifting teeth, changes to facial structure, potential TMJ disorder, and a poor quality of life. There are so many cosmetic dentistry options – including different types of dentures – to restore your oral health.

Complete or partial dentures are used to replace multiple missing teeth. Your options range from traditional dentures that rest on the gums and are removable to fixed, implant-supported dentures that never leave your mouth.

The Benefit of Dentures

  • Support facial muscles
  • Increase self-esteem and build confidence
  • Eat foods you’ve always enjoyed
  • Provide you with a beautiful smile
  • Improve speech

Complete Dentures

At one time, complete dentures were considered the gold standard for replacing all of the teeth on the upper or lower arch. Replacement teeth are mounted on a pink acrylic base that resembles gum tissue. Lower dentures rest on the gums, while upper dentures have a plastic palate that adheres to the roof of the mouth through suction. Denture paste or adhesive may be necessary to hold full dentures in place. These dentures are removable for cleaning or sleeping.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when some, but not all, of the teeth are missing. The replacement teeth are mounted on an acrylic base that fits into the gap left by the missing teeth. The base has one or more metal or esthetic clasps to attach to either the natural teeth or crowns. Partial dentures are removable.

Implant Supported Dentures

Today, implant-supported dentures are considered a vast improvement over traditional dentures. As few as two implants can secure a removable implant-supported denture, while just a handful of implants can support an entire fixed arch of replacement teeth. This allows the plastic palate to be removed from upper dentures, and provides stability and bite strength that are not possible with traditional dentures. A fixed implant-supported denture is not removable, allowing you to eat, talk, and brush your teeth like normal.

If you are missing teeth, your dentist will help you decide which denture option is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dentures the same as teeth?

Dentures are not the same as teeth, but they are synthetic versions that are designed to look and function like teeth. They may replace a few of your missing teeth (partial dentures)or all of your teeth (complete dentures).

When do most people get dentures?

There is no set age for getting dentures, though it is not uncommon for people in their 40s to get their first set. Age does play a role in needing a replacement for missing teeth, but that is not the only factor. Tooth decay, injury, gum disease, and more can all cause teeth to fall out or need to be extracted.

If you are missing teeth and want to know if you could benefit from dentures or partials, it is best to speak to your dentist about options available to you.

Are veneers and dentures the same thing?

No, they are both very different. Veneers are a cosmetic procedure used to transform smiles by covering your teeth and addressing any imperfections.

Dentures, on the other hand, can provide you with a perfect set of teeth – but only when you have no teeth. Any remaining teeth you do have will have to be extracted before you can wear your new dentures.

How painful is it to get dentures?

Depending on the type of dentures you get and how many teeth you have remaining, you will likely have to undergo some dental work before you can get your dentures. For instance, you may need extractions. And if you are choosing implant-supported dentures, you may require implants or bone grafting.

None of these procedures are painful. Local anesthetic will be used and, if necessary, over-the-counter pain meds can be taken.

As for the dentures themselves, it is normal to experience some minor irritation as you get used to them. But otherwise you should not have any pain.

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