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How Long Does A Teeth Cleaning Take?

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There are few things that feel better than a mouthful of teeth that have just been professionally cleaned. Do you know the feeling? Just walking out of the dentist’s office afterward, you are sure to find yourself showing off your pearly whites with a smile to anyone who will look. 

If you have never had a teeth cleaning or if it has been awhile, you may find yourself questioning just how much time you should set aside for your appointment. So, we are going to fill you in on everything you need to know about cleanings at your dentist. 

The Importance of Dental Cleanings

Think about this for a moment. How well do you think your car would run at 100,000 miles if it never had an oil change? Or, if it only had one, or even two oil changes? There is an incredibly high chance that the car wouldn’t be running optimally - if it even runs at all! 

Dental cleanings for your teeth are just as important as an oil change for your car. Think of it as part of the maintenance. Never going for a professional cleaning can allow unwanted plaque to build-up which can lead to a wide array of additional problems. In addition, your cleaning will usually involve an oral examination by the dentist – which means you can catch trouble areas before they get out of hand. 

It is recommended that you visit your dentist for a routine cleaning every six months. Or, at the very least, you should be getting an annual cleaning. 

Routine Dental Cleanings: An Overview of the Process

Routine dental cleanings are considered preventative care because they work to prevent cavities and other oral health issues by thoroughly cleaning and monitoring the teeth and surrounding areas. 

While teeth cleanings can vary, they usually always offer the cleaning itself, x-rays, an oral examination, and an oral cancer screening. 

X-rays may be taken first at your appointment so that the dental team has a clear look at what is going on with your teeth. Not all issues can be spotted visibly with the eyes, so the x-rays allow the dentist a deeper look to spot any areas of concern. 

Next, is the cleaning. Teeth cleanings remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. It doesn’t matter how well you brush and floss at home, it still forms. And, if left alone, it can lead to cavities. The dental hygienist will remove the buildup and then proceed to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. After a good rinse, your dentist may or may not provide fluoride treatments or sealants. 

When you are all cleaned up, the dentist will come in to look over your x-rays, examine your teeth, and perform an oral cancer screening. Any issues that need to be addressed will be done at this time - and, if necessary, a treatment plan can be drawn up. Or, if you have been keeping up well with your routine cleanings and have great oral hygiene in between, you may not need to come back for another 6 months!

How Long Does a Teeth Cleaning Take? 

As you can tell, teeth cleanings are very important visits that involve some very vital procedures. The best part is that they usually only last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. For all the benefits you get, that doesn’t seem like much time at all. It is surely time well spent. 

Is it Time to Schedule Your Teeth Cleaning? 

If you have not had professional teeth cleaning in the last six months, then it is time to schedule yours today. Dr. Jamrozek and her team offer a full comprehensive list of dental services in West Milford, including thorough teeth cleaning and oral cancer screenings. 

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