What Do I Do If My Tooth Is Cracked Underneath My Crown?

What Do I Do If My Tooth Is Cracked Underneath My Crown?

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Dental crowns are restorative dental treatments designed to protect vulnerable teeth. Although they perform this function well, it is possible for the vulnerable tooth beneath a crown to crack. Teeth grinding is a leading cause of cracks in teeth that are covered with a crown. Biting into excessively hard food can also cause a crack in a tooth underneath a crown. In other cases, a tooth treated with a crown may wear down due to decay, weakening it enough to crack. So, what should you do if you think you have cracked a tooth underneath a crown?

Signs Your Tooth May Be Cracked Underneath Your Crown

Signs of a cracked tooth underneath a crown are similar to the symptoms of a cracked tooth that has not been treated with a crown. You may experience sharp pain when you bite or chew food. You may develop tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages. You may also notice that your gum near the affected tooth is beginning to swell.  

Other symptoms of a cracked tooth beneath a crown include a loose or wiggly crown, bleeding gums, or a darkening of the crown.  If you notice any of these symptoms, seeing a dentist as soon as possible is important for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

A Cracked Tooth is a Dental Emergency

A cracked tooth, whether covered with a dental crown or not, is a dental emergency. Food debris and bacteria can enter the tooth through a crack, causing an infection, or an extremely painful condition called a dental abscess. A dental abscess is a pus-filled sac that forms, which puts you at increased risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream.  


How is a Cracked Tooth Beneath a Crown Treated?

If your dentist confirms that the tooth beneath a crown has cracked, there is still hope for the tooth to be saved. Your dentist will first remove your existing dental crown. In some cases, the cracked tooth may be treated with a root canal, and then covered again with a dental crown.  In other cases, if the tooth is too damaged to save, the tooth will need to be extracted and replaced with a dental bridge, or a dental implant. If your tooth cracked due to clenching or grinding your teeth at night, your dentist will also likely recommend a custom night guard to protect your teeth. 

Get Emergency Treatment for a Cracked Tooth in West Milford, NJ

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